Career Prep


The Career Preparation & Exploration (CP&E) program is a program that provides students with an opportunity to learn the skills, habits and attitudes that will help them become successful in the work place. It is a community based program that allows students to get real life experience in the working world. Students have the chance to make industry connections in their community that will give them a head start after graduation.

Throughout a student's high school career they will partake in many activities that will help prepare them for life after school. Students will get a taste of this in their Life/Work Exploration classes where they are introduced to Career Cruising. Grade 9's get their first taste of the community based learning by participating in "Take Our Kids to Work" Day, which is a national event, held the first week of November.

In Grade 10 students participate in Community Heart Day where they get the opportunity to volunteer in their community. Then in Grades 11 & 12 students partake in Work Experience.

The Work Experience that Grade 11 & 12 students participate in allow each person to see first-hand a career that they are interested in. They are given the chance to choose an area of interest and businesses that they would like to see. The hope is that by going out, participating and seeing the work that people do on a daily basis will help students connect the dots between education and careers. This program encourages students to stay in school because they see the correlation between business, labour, education and the community. It gets students thinking about what their next steps are past graduation and increases their self-confidence and social skills.

The CP&E program also has a community impact by benefiting local employers. Employers get to view potential employees before making a hiring decision and it's a way for the business to give back to the community and school. Plus it's a great marketing tool for employers because it gets students, parents and teachers talking about their business.

At the end of the day this program gets students thinking about their next steps. It gets them motivated to be a contributing member of their community and they begin to set goals and plan for their future. By completing all required outcomes of the CP&E program, students will receive the mandatory Life/Work Transition 40S credit and graduate with a Rolling River School Division diploma.

For more information please contact Aaron Cibula, the Career Preparation & Exploration Coordinator for Rivers Collegiate. She can be reached by email at [email protected] or by phone: 204.328.5364 ext 260.